KX5600v for Snake and Reptile Scanning

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This machine comes with the configuration favored for snake and reptile breeders. It comes with a linear probe included, and an optional footswitch.


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Quality Made Simple

When you buy from us, you are supported by sonographers who really do what you do! We have scanned a variety of reptiles and snakes (particularly ball pythons) for follicle identification, sexing and heart scanning. We can help you to get to grips with your new machine and its most important controls for the work that you will be performing. We are here to help and are always only a phone call or email away.

Product Features

About the KX5600 Ultrasound Scanner

  • High resolution 64 channel multifrequency transducer, made with superior quality matching and backing layers for minimum beam width (higher resolution on all planes) and maximum noise reduction for a high signal-to-noise ratio.

  • 10.4″ high resolution colour LED backlit display, for a stunning high-contrast making obtaining diagnostic images easier than ever.

  • Backlit keyboard for use in dark rooms.

  • Adjustable screen brightness.

  • Weight: 4.5kg, Dimensions: 256x150x326mm

Technical Specifications
  • Adjustable depth, up to 236mm (also dependent upon choice of transducer). This is important because some structures may be close to the skin surface, but others a lot deeper.

  • Gain 0-127dB.

  • Contrast 27-90dB.

  • Grey Scale: 256. The wide range of grey scale and contrast settings allows you to have a high contrast image or a large range of greys, depending on your preference and the application. For abdominal scanning, for example, it is often advantageous to use a wide range of greys in order to discern subtle differences in texture. In echocardiography, a higher contrast image is often desirable. In early pregnancy detection in canine or feline patients, high contrast can allow the quick and easy identification of small pregnancy sacs, whereas a wider range of greys in later pregnancy gives a much more rich and detailed image.

  • 8 TGC levels, for optimising your gain settings to perfection. Useful when scanning fluid-filled structures (to cancel out acoustic enhancement distal to the fluid), such as when looking below the bladder in pregnancy scanning or when scanning cysts and other masses.

  • Frame rate: 30fps, avoiding a laggy, delayed image. Particularly important when imaging moving fast-moving subjects such as foetesus and the heart.

  • B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M-mode. M-Mode is still very popular in veterinary medicine for echocardiography, and in human medicine for specific applications such as looking at the foetal heart or the collapse of the adult inferior vena cava on inspiration.

  • 8 pseudo colour options. In some instances, the human eye can pick out certain details better in colour. This can be useful, for example, in early pregnancy detection in dogs or for better endocardial definition in basic heart scanning.

  • 256 frame Cine loop, with roller ball to be able to scroll back through the clip after freezing the image.

  • Image storage: extra large 4GB hard disk for permanent storage of ~5000 images.

  • Needle guide function with adjustable on-screen guide lines, perfect for performing biopsies.

  • Measurement package includes all standard measurements including distance, area, volume and perimeter.

  • Calculation packages for basic cardiac (suitable for cardiac screening only – not for quantifying complex pathology), gynaecology, obstetric (gestational age estimation, amniotic fluid measurement, crown-rump length), urology (residual urine volume, prostate volume).

Standard Configuration
  • KX5600 Ultrasound Unit

  • 7.5 MHz Linear Transducer

  • Two probe sockets

  • Power adaptor

Optional Extras
  • Li Battery

  • Footswitch

Please note that a battery is NOT included as standard with this portable ultrasound machine. Many beginners believe this to be a necessity, but you will soon find that it is generally defunct, as all premises have their own power supply.

Language Options
  • English

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Russian


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