ScanX Air


This dual-headed wireless transducer offers convex and linear scanning in a single transducer, and is ideal for general practice and emergency veterinarians, as well as dog and cat breeders. The ScanX Air offers an ideal solution for private users with a range of animal sizes, as the convex head can be used for medium-large breeds of dog, while the linear is ideal for toy breeds of dog, cats, and even tiny mammals and rabbits.

Ships from London, United Kingdom; delivered to anywhere in North America within 7 days. $10 delivery fee will be added at checkout – we’ll cover the rest!


The new ScanX Air wireless transducer can be paired with any Windows, iOS or Android device.

The 128-elements convex transducer operates at 3.5 – 5MHz (with depth up to 30cm), and the linear probe at 7.5 – 10MHz. Quickly switch between imaging heads at the touch of a button.




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