ScanX Ultrasound

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The ScanX® offers same stunning image quality and purpose-built software you’ve come to expect from the ScanPad, but now with total portability. Weighing only 0.6kg (1.5lbs) and with a super long battery life (over 6 hours of scanning time), the ScanX® system also saves you time: simply connect your tablet to your WiFi and upload images direct from your device to your business website, Animal Ultrasound Association profile, Facebook page or email. No more exporting images from your scanner to your computer via USB.

The 4GB version will be suitable for most users. Choose 8GB if you know your device will undergo heavy use – if, for example, you are running a busy scanning business.

2 year warranty.


Quality Made Simple

Should you ever need technical help, you’re never alone: the ScanX® Pro can be serviced remotely by our team. Future software updates can be performed for you without the machine needing to leave your hands (the ScanPad needs to be returned back for an SD card update).

Probe Variations

Choose from microconvex (5-8MHz) for smaller animals (cats, dogs, small goats) or convex (2.5-5MHz) for larger animals.


Package Includes:

  • ScanX® high resolution ultrasound transducer with USB connector

  • Ruggedised tablet device with 10.5″ monitor (the latest Microsoft Surface Go 2)

  • ScanX® software (pre-installed)

Your tablet has been customised by us specifically for ultrasound scanning, and is not intended for any other purpose.


What Makes Us Different?

No annual software license fee – our software is free for life

Hardware and software designed specifically for pregnancy scanning in animals. This is not a “jack of all trades” system that has to offer frame rates good enough for echocardiography (at the expense of image quality)

The ScanX® is powered from your USB port, not by batteries, meaning no down time and no overheating. Other models can only scan for two hours before requiring a recharge, and require a cool down period every twenty minutes

Expert one-to-one and community support from people who do exactly what you do

Future-proof: we are ultrasound specialists, working and performing research at the cutting edge of ultrasound technology. ScanX® users will be the first to benefit from breakthroughs, given the ease at which we can update and service your machine, wherever you are in the world. If you’d like more information about projects we are working on which will benefit you, please get in touch.

Extra long cine-loop length (>30 seconds). This enables you to save extensive footage of your scans, and not have to keep on interrupting your scanning to save clips. Standard cine loop length on other ultrasound machines is only ~5 seconds.

Canine pregnancy scan with microconvex probe

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