Vinno D6 Vet

Meticulously designed with the needs of veterinary professionals and ultrasound technicians alike. Its imaging capabilities surpass any other ultrasound system priced below $30,000 currently available, offering exceptional image quality. Additionally, its intuitive workflow enhances the scanning experience, making it enjoyable every time.


  1. Cutting-Edge Platform: The Vinno D6 Vet is engineered on an advanced data platform, seamlessly merging traditional beamforming with front-end data processing. This streamlined workflow facilitates convenient and intuitive operations, rendering it an optimal choice for various scenarios.
  2. Exceptional Image Performance:

a. Speckle Noise Reduction (VSpeckle): By harnessing RF metadata, the system integrates detection data to produce images with enhanced contrast and well-defined boundaries, effectively minimizing speckle noise for superior clarity.

b. Fusion Imaging (VFusion): Emitting sound beams from multiple directions, the system processes reflected sound beams with exceptional prowess. This yields images presented with a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring unparalleled clarity in diagnostic assessments.

  1. High-Performance Processing: Thanks to processing algorithms developed using extensive RF data, the VINNO D6-VET delivers images with ultra-high contrast and resolution. Supporting next-generation digital broadband up to 25MHz and high-resolution beamformers, it guarantees outstanding processing performance with a high channel density.

Embark on the future of veterinary ultrasound with VINNO D6-VET, where portability converges with precision for effective and professional diagnostic imaging.

Key Features:

  • Diverse selection of probes available for purchase, including:
    • Versatile microconvex
    • Various linear and phased array probes
    • Sought-after G3-10p phased array for unparalleled clarity in cardiac imaging
  • Essential features:
    • Continuous Wave, Pulsed Wave, and Colour Doppler for comprehensive valvular assessment and diagnosis
  • Strain Imaging for meticulous tracking of myocardial tissue**
  • VGuide, an electronic “eye” facilitating precise guidance for biopsy and anesthetic punctures**
  • VCQ Function for automatic evaluation of heart function**
  • 15.6″ LCD display screen
  • 8″ touch screen control panel with heightened sensitivity, suitable for use even while wearing latex gloves
  • Ergonomically designed control keyboard

** These features can be added for an additional cost.


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