The ScanX ultrasound machine for farm animal scanning

The ScanX is the undisputed favourite for goat pregnancy scanning, but it doesn’t suit everyone. For these people, we have been field testing alternatives to solve two major problems.

Problem 1: Price

Many people would love a ScanX ultrasound machine for their goats, but if they have a small herd, they simply cannot justify the outlay. For these people, the MSU 3.0 presents an affordable option. I’ve always considered this very much an entry-level scanner, but I have to say, after testing it at Monarch Farm a few weeks ago, I was absolutely blown away by what it could achieve. Check out the video below to see our results.



Problem 2: Mixed herds

The other group of people who would love a ScanX but find it doesn’t quite tick all the boxes are those with a mixture of animals on farm. If all can be scanned transabdominally (goats, sheep, pigs, dogs), it’s no problem, but if you have cows or horses, it definitely is. These animals need to be scanned transrectally, and a second probe will set you back over $2000. We’ve been testing whether the new curved linear probe on the Artemis can be used transabdominally; if it can, it presents the perfect solution to those who need a rectal probe and a probe they can use transabdominally.



The ScanX is still the most popular ultrasound machine for scanning goats. Its stunning image quality, ease of use and huge library of online support (not to mention us ready to help you by phone, email or live chat) makes it so. However, there is a small segment of individuals for whom, mainly due to price, this is not the right choice. The MSU and Artemis can fill in these gaps, and ensure everyone can join our community of happy goat scanners.