The ScanX portable ultrasound machine has proven highly popular for goat pregnancy scanning, but it is also an excellent choice for canine scanning, too. Below are two example videos – one of early gestation, one of late gestation.

Early pregnancy

In the video below, notice how well the ScanX performs in the nearfield. This is a universally weak area of all ultrasound transducers, but ScanX microconvex probes have been optimised to perform well in this zone. During our initial testing phase, we actually scanned guinea pigs* to make sure we had this right.

* Poor guinea pigs have had an awful past at the hands of humans, and I feel I must clarify that our volunteers were pet guinea pigs fully compensated for their time with pea flakes. They were not unwilling lab animals!



Late pregnancy

In this late pregnancy scan you can clearly see the fetal heart beating strongly. Also note the acoustic shadowing from the spine and ribs, which have now ossified.


Looking for a local distributor?

We are excited to announce that the ScanX is now in stock with our trusted partners and canine ultrasound experts in Canada; PetTech Solutions. You can contact Karen directly on 1800 672 9182.