Why Is Training Important?

Choosing and learning to use a new ultrasound machine is daunting. To be able to get the most out of your ultrasound machine, it is important to receive expert training and on-going support.

High quality training in animal pregnancy scanning is difficult to find. Vet schools consider it too basic to teach their students (a misconception!), yet too complex to teach anybody outside of the veterinary profession. For this reason, expert training in the use of ultrasound has been inaccessible to the majority of people.

Our ultrasound training courses for breeders are taught by sonographers who have all been teaching ultrasound for small animal pregnancy scanning for the last ten years. Click here to book your place now.

Why learn from a sonographer?

A sonographer is somebody who has a post-graduate degree in Medical Ultrasound. This means that they have spent a minimum of 4 (not necessarily consecutive) years at university, and usually at least another 2 in clinical practice before they are able to obtain their accreditation. They must then maintain this accreditation by performing a certain number of clinical scans every year (usually over 500), and demonstrate their attendance at ultrasound courses and conventions.

ultrasound training


Dog Ultrasound:  $495.00
Goat Ultrasound: $395.00


Our team began teaching ultrasound for pregnancy detection to veterinarians, vet nurses and breeders alike in 2011. Our award-winning courses have evolved over the years and now emcompass not only small domestic animal scanning (cats and dogs), but farm animals, too – particularly cows, goats and sheep.

In 2018, we began teaching online in order to make our courses fully accesible to our clients in North America. We have been pleasantly surprised by their success, and in 2019, the popularity of our online teaching overtook in-person tutoring for the first time: a trend that has continued ever since.

Take Your Scanning Skills to the Next Level

With Our Ultrasound Training Course

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Our Promise

When you train with us, you are guaranteed:

Teaching and support delivered by a Masters-level practicing sonographer.

Our courses are considered to be the gold standard around the world. They are not taught by generalists or salespeople, and are not part of a fertility course. Ultrasound is an involved skill and is best learnt from a specialist.

Certificate delivered within 3-4 weeks, underwritten by the Animal Ultrasound Association.

This certificate enables you to go on and undertake advanced and specialist courses in the future, should you wish to.

On-going support, forever.

Ultrasound is a rapidly advancing imaging modality, and there are always new things to learn. We stay in touch with our trainees via email and social media, and are still in regular contact with people we trained ten years ago! We encourage you to share your ultrasound images, cases and questions.

Take Your Scanning Skills to the Next Level

With Our Ultrasound Training Course

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