ScanX 3 lead ECG/EKG machine


A user-friendly and precise EKG system designed for monitoring the heart rate and rhythm of animals. Intuitive touch controls guide users through the EKG acquisition and analysis process. Equipped with storage and printing capabilities for EKG data. Automated baseline stability tests ensure consistent and clear waveform readings during acquisition. The monitor offers both electronic reading and paper printout options for convenience.


  • A dependable automated EKG diagnosis function guarantees precision, complemented by a customizable heart rate alarm and the ability to generate measurement analysis reports
  • Featuring a 7-inch high-definition color LCD screen with broad viewing angles and user-friendly touch controls
  • It comes with a large-capacity rechargeable battery and a specialized charging system for extended usage and battery protection
  • Versatile printing choices include high-resolution thermal matrix printouts, with automatic baseline stability tests ensuring uniform EKG waveforms on universally compatible thermal tracing paper rolls
  • Its lightweight body, weighing only 1.85 kg, and compact design ensure easy portability


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