Veterinary Echocardiography Table


This echo table / mattress can be placed on top of an existing examination table, in order to be used for echocardiography examinations. Ships from London, and arrives to most US States within 5 working days. Typically arrives with Canadian customers within 6 working days.



The mattress is perfect for echo examinations.
Can be closed, which makes it easy to transport and store.
The mattress has two handles, which makes it easy to carry.


Is easy to clean, disinfect, and is resistant to mechanical damage.
Does not cause allergies.
Consists of polyvinyl chloride and polyester fabric.


the size – 110cm x 55cm
the height – 23cm
the opening – shape of trapeze, 10cm upper base, 26cm lower base, 26cm height.


Made in Europe. Ships from London. Arrives to most US States within 5 working days.


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