Pregnancy Ultrasound Training For Goat Breeders


Master the Art of Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanning

Are you a serious, dedicated goat breeder looking to elevate your breeding experience and maximize the potential of your equipment? Unlock the extraordinary skill of pregnancy ultrasound scanning with our comprehensive course designed just for you!


Course Highlights:

Title: Pregnancy Ultrasound Training for Goat Breeders

Instructor: Catherine Stowell, Accredited Sonographer and Author

Format: Pre-recorded modules, with progress quizzes and lifelong support.

Course Overview:

You will gain the expertise to confidently navigate every stage of gestation. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Pregnancy Identification: Develop the ability to identify pregnancy at each crucial stage of gestation, enhancing your breeding management.
  2. Avoiding Pitfalls: Discover how to steer clear of common pitfalls and misidentifications that can impact breeding outcomes.
  3. Safe Scanning: Acquire essential skills to scan safely, minimizing the risk of exposing fetuses to unnecessary thermal harm.
  4. Recognizing Issues: Gain the knowledge to recognize when something is amiss and requires immediate veterinary referral, prioritizing the well-being of your goats.


This course is accredited by the Animal Ultrasound Association, ensuring the highest quality of education and expertise.

Interactive Learning:

Our courses are always taught in small groups, fostering maximum interaction and extensive Q&A sessions. This personalized approach ensures that you receive individualized attention and can get your specific questions answered.


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